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    Are you buying cowboy boots for the first time and need help finding your size? We’ve broken down the perfect cowboy boot fit into 5 easy “steps” below, with a few extra fit tips from our boot experts. This is an easy guide to finding your cowboy boot size.

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    What size cowboy boots should I order?

    Most of the time, you should order your normal shoe size when buying cowboy boots. However, many of our customers end up wearing about a ½ size smaller cowboy boot than their athletic shoe size. So if you are used to wearing tennis shoes, you probably need to choose a ½ size smaller.

    Don’t worry about the shape of the toe or the height of the heel. Cowboy boots are designed with a footbed that fits your size, taking into consideration the shape of the toe. So don’t go up a size just because the toe of the boot is pointed. The height and design of the heel will also not affect your boot size.

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