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    Warning! These three words will make you weak in the knees: Tin Haul Boots.

    Hey, we warned you! Tin Haul Boots are now available at Head West Outfitters, and we are so excited to show them off! Tin Haul cowboy boots are made for men and women in some of the flashiest styles you’ve ever seen. The fun designs come from the surfer and skater edge that Tin Haul incorporates into their fashion western boots.

    Western Boot Style

    Tin Haul cowboy boots showcase traditional western square toes and easy-wearing walking heels. The look is a tip of the hat to classic roper cowboy boots. Each pair of boots also sports pull straps and dipped shaft collars, both authentic western elements. Cowboys and cowgirls will appreciate the western styling beneath the risque demeanor.

    Fancy Leathers

    The foundation of Tin Haul boot designs is important, that’s where wild and wacky color combinations and treated leathers come into play. We’re all use to seeing sleek and smooth leather boots in the western line-up. Distressed leathers have been a popular choice for many years. Suede leather is a handsome choice. But you’ve perhaps not seen leather done like this before!

    Tin Haul takes premium leathers and beats them into vintage submission with treatments that add wrinkling, heavily distressed marks, and scuffs that show off your edgy side. Check out the Gnarly Shark, Tiger, and Pool Hall styles for a sample of this look.


    On the other end of the spectrum, sleek and smooth leather Tin Haul boots shine and gleam to show off your high-roller status. Polka dots, panda bears, diamond patterns, dollar signs, checker boards, dice, skulls, flames, and mudflap girl designs all adorn these leathers.


    Lying Low

    Yes, the leathers are intriguing. And the overlays, inlays, embroidery, and colors are brilliant. But what is the most interesting design element on Tin Haul cowboy boots? The outsoles, oddly enough! Beneath your foot, just waiting for you to take a step and wow the world around you is a unique outsole design. With each step of your stunning boots, you kick up dazzling style with outrageous and eye-catching outsole designs in vibrant colors.

    Each pair of boots has its own outsole design. Some coordinate exceptionally, like the Benjamin Franklin, Lucky Clover, and Pirate Skull boots. Others have absolutely nothing in common from top to bottom, and that’s the beauty and brilliance of it all!


    What is Tin Haul all about?

    Tin Haul boots demand that you “Wear Your Metal Out!” OK, no arguing from us. Tin Haul is the offspring of a team of entrepreneurs who were looking to shake things up. And, boy howdy, they did! The brand was founded in 2008 with influences from surfers and urban culture. Blend that with chic cowboy boot style, and you have one irresistible Tin Haul collection.

    Do you own a pair of Tin Haul boots?

    Tell us which pair in the comments below. Then post a pic on our Facebook page! If you’re reppin’ Tin Haul, the world should know!



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  • Kelly Tom wrote on May 18, 2014 at 6:53 // Reply

    I’m Kelly, and I just yesterday purchased a pair of Tin Hauls “Damask” King Tut boots. And honestly they are the perfect fit. I’m very pleased with what I bought.


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