Lucchese cowboy boots are the epitome of distinction. Each pair of Lucchese boots is expertly handcrafted by highly skilled artisans. Over 300 pairs of hands touch each pair of cowboy boots, and it takes approximately 18 days to get each and every boot as near perfect as possible. The standards carried by the Lucchese name since 1883 are nothing short of excellence and prestige.

    Lucchese Boots

    Revolutionary Boot Craftsmanship

    Founded in 1883, Lucchese recently celebrated a rich 130 years in boot-making history. From the very beginning, founder Salvatore Lucchese focused on using precision craftsmanship and the finest quality leathers to create each pair of cowboy boots. Learning the trade from his father, an Italian shoemaker, Lucchese included the most revolutionary design detail of all – the custom fit. Lucchese originally crafted every single pair of cowboy boots to the individual customer’s exact foot measurements. This ensured the western boots fit like a glove.

    Lucchese History

    Celebrity Cowboy Boots

    All around the world, news of the Lucchese boot precision fit spread, and requests poured in from movie stars, military personnel, celebrities, and even world leaders, asking to get their own pair of Lucchese boots. Bing Crosby, Johnny Cash, Gregory Peck, John Wayne, Rex Allen, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Dallas Cowboys players and owners were all fitted for their own pair of Lucchese cowboy boots. These fine quality boots were even gifted from United States presidents to other dignitaries around the globe. You might even spot Lucchese cowgirl boots on some of your favorite cheerleaders; in 2011, Lucchese Boots became the official boot of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Gregory Peck

    Rich Western Heritage & Superior Craftsmanship

    While the boot-making skills might have emigrated from Italy, and celebrities covet the comfortable fit, these cowboy boots are American made and tied to a strong military and cowboy history. Lucchese Boot Company is located in El Paso, Texas, where every pair of Lucchese boots is handcrafted. These USA made cowboy boots aren’t just any ordinary cowboy boot.

    Crafted for superior comfort from premium quality materials, and designed to withstand the test of time from rugged riding and working, Lucchese boots are an exceptional purchase. The time-honored tradition of crafting cowboy boots by hand – not machine – makes all the difference in durability, precision, and design. The artisan bootmakers at Lucchese Boot Company take the extra time and care to expertly place each stitch and cover every seam to make your cowboy boots worthy of praise, admiration, and the Lucchese label.

    Lucchese Factory

    In addition to exceptional leathers and expert craftsmanship, Lucchese uses a Goodyear construction process to implement comfort, durability and waterproof properties into western boots, ensuring a long life of wear. Lucchese’s Texas-based artisans use all leather components throughout a boot, eliminating any cork fillers or pads. The leather foot-bed will conform to your foot over time, resulting in an individualized fit.

    Men’s Lucchese Boots

    Men’s Lucchese cowboy boots are western boots at their finest. Only premium quality leathers are used to craft these refined boots. The styles vary from sleek to exotic, and everything in between, for all tastes and every special occasion. All Lucchese boots are handcrafted in the USA.

    Lucchese Boots

    Lucchese boots are popular men’s wedding boots, for the groom, father of the bride, and even wedding guests. No finer cowboy boots could grace the wedding aisle thanks to unmistakable Lucchese boot quality and precision craftsmanship.

    Men’s Sleek, Smooth Leather Boots

    Smooth leather cowboy boots offer a sheen that draws attention, and when you’re walking about in a pair of Lucchese cowboy boots, you’d expect nothing less. Available in the customary blackblack cherry, chocolate, and antique brown cowboy boot hues, there are a lot of options from which to choose.

    Lucchese Black Madras Cowboy Boots  Lucchese Men's Lonestar Cowboy Boots

    Men’s Distressed Leather Boots

    Distressed leather cowboy boots from Lucchese are more than just a little vintage. These cowboy boots might look worn-in and broken down, but they are like a brand new, leather interior, luxury car. Leather linings, leather outsoles, and a cushioned comfort leather footbed are all waiting for you to slip them on and go for a ride. You get the fashionable distressed boot look with the exact precision of a Lucchese cowboy boot, handcrafted in the USA.

    Lucchese Distressed Leather Cowboy Boots

    Men’s Exotic Leather Boots

    Exotic leather cowboy boots are distinct in their own right, with magnificent leather designs and textures. Caiman, crocodile, python, ostrich, and lizard leather boots are the most distinguished leather boots from the Lucchese cowboy boot collection. Broad square toe cowboy boots demand attention, and sleek pointed toe cowboy boots offer a discerning impression.

    Lucchese Python Snake Cowboy Boots Lucchese Caiman Croc Cowboy Boots

    Women’s Lucchese Boots

    Women’s cowgirl boot preferences tend to be focused around style, and while that is a tremendously important aspect, there is so much more to admire about Lucchese boots than elegant style. All Lucchese cowgirl boots are handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans who spend each day perfecting their craft to produce deluxe cowgirl boots that offer the finest design details, extreme comfort, and durability. Bright leather colors, distinguished embellishments, and precise stitching ensure Lucchese cowgirl boots stand apart.

    Women's Lucchese Boots

    Women’s Smooth & Distressed Leather Boots

    Lucchese cowgirl boots boast a wide variety of western boot styles for all tastes and occasions. Smooth leather cowgirl boots make every day a little more luxurious. Distressed leather cowgirl boots offer exterior vintage appeal with blissful interior comfort. The leather cushioned footbed conforms to your foot, and with each wear, the boot becomes a little more tailor-made to fit your exact step. Pointed toe and snip toe cowgirl boots are a graceful choice in either smooth leather or distressed leather. Snip toe cowgirl boots are a more modern fashion choice, while square toe cowgirl boots uphold western preferences of the riding community.

    Lucchese Distressed Leather Cowgirl Boots Lucchese Floral Design Smooth Leather Boots

    Women’s Embroidered & Embellished Boots

    Cowgirl boots are meant to shine and offer an air of sophistication. Lucchese cowgirl boots exceed those expectations with glamorous embroidery designs ranging from heavy stitch patterns to dramatic floral cascades. Paired with bold leather hues, embroidered cowgirl boots boast artful western design details that ensure they stand apart and add appropriate grandeur to any outfit.

    Lucchese Turquoise Embriodered Cowgirl Boots

    Embellished cowgirl boots draw the eye in to appreciate the fine details and elaborate precision of Lucchese artisan bootmakers. From top of shaft to tip of toe, these carefully chosen design elements bring out the western ambiance each boot encompasses. Meticulously placed studs, rhinestones, and ornaments accent stitch patterns, leather details, and showcase the overall refinement of Lucchese boots.

    Lucchese Studded Cowgirl Boots

    Women’s Exotic Leather Boots

    Exotic leather cowgirl boots reveal bold leather textures and magnificent designs that showcase refined western style. Ostrich skin leather is a popular women’s western boot choice for its durability and captivating leather characteristics. Exotic leather cowgirl boots with pointed toes or snipped toes reflect modern fashion boot tastes, while broad square toe cowgirl boots appeal to western preferences of the riding community.

    Lucchese Ostrich Leather Boots

    Invest in Lucchese Boots

    Lucchese cowboy boots and cowgirl boots are an investment in refinement and western heritage. Only the finest materials are crafted into Lucchese boots by the time-honored, handcrafted boot process. Lucchese cowboy boots appeal to customers seeking a refined riding boot as well as those who incorporate western elements into mainstream fashion. For any taste, Lucchese boots offer a unique cowboy boot experience.

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