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    We’re extremely proud to offer a selection of men’s and women’s Justin cowboy boots that are made in the USA. Why? First, shopping domestic puts food on the table for local artisans – your father, your neighbor, your best friend’s mother, the shop owner just down the street… real, hardworking Americans, just like you and me.  Second, supporting companies that produce American made products helps keep the history of craftsmanship alive here in the U.S. Third, our customers appreciate the exceptional quality and proud heritage that goes hand-in-hand with made in the USA products. And finally, because we love western wear brands that provide valuable jobs in our communities!

    Justin Employee  Justin Tools

    Justin Boots

    Justin cowboy boots have been handcrafted in the United States since 1879, when H.J. Justin opened shop at his home in Spanish Fort, Texas. Justin’s first customers were, unsurprisingly, cowboys who were passing by on their way up the Chisholm Trail. The whole family became involved in the Justin boot business, and the boot company became H.J. Justin and Sons. By 1910, Justin Boots were sold in 26 states – a pretty amazing feat considering the lack of transportation and communication technologies. Justin and Sons saw a need to include women in the business from an early start. In the early 1920s, the company launched the first pair of cowboy boots made exclusively for women: the Western Gypsy. For the Justin Gypsy cowgirl boot fans in the crowd, you’re probably grateful for that decision!

    HJ Justin Boots

    Four Locations & Possibly Growing

    Today, Justin Brands is one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the United States. Isn’t that incredible?! Justin Brands operates four domestic factories: El Paso, TX; Brewer, ME; Cassville, MO; and Carthage, MO. Within these four factories, cowboy boots and cowgirl boots are crafted for Justin Boots, Tony Lama Boots, Nocona Boots, Chippewa Boots, and Justin Original Workboots. Justin Brands proudly boasts more than 440 years of combined boot-making experience across these outstanding western boot brands.

    Justin Boots Today

    Justin Brands purchased the Brewer, Maine, factory in early 2013, and the company hasn’t shut down efforts to expand farther. In a press release announcing the expansion, Randy Watson, Justin Brands, Inc. CEO and chairman, stated, “The success of our brands is a result of a rich history and our progressive approach to the future. As a Berkshire Hathaway corporation we are always open to acquisitions and opportunities. Planting new roots in a market distinctively rich in America’s footwear heritage aligns with our ongoing commitment to domestic manufacturing.” Clearly, USA made cowboy boots are a big focus at Justin Brands, and the company will likely continue to grow based on those strong core values.

    What Difference Does It Really Make?

    Besides benefiting the local economy by employing people in our community, purchasing products made in the USA is a stamp of quality craftsmanship. Justin Brands employees are craftsmen with a dedication to producing superior artisan products. Not only are these employees extensively trained, they work in an environment where customer service is of the utmost importance. Justin Brands makes great investments in hiring skilled employees, implementing the latest technologies, and fostering a culture that encourages employees to go above and beyond in crafting durable, comfortable, and attractive cowboy boots.

    Justin Today

    Justin Brands Thank You Campaign

    Justin Brands is planning a big reveal in the very near future to open up their factory doors to you… sort of. The campaign is going to be an innovative move in revealing the boot-making process and the people who craft each pair of boots. As soon as that campaign launches, you can bet we’ll share the news with you!

    Do You Wear Made In The USA Boots?

    Tell us what you love and appreciate about USA made cowboy boots in a comment below!

    Be sure to check out our full selection of made in the USA western wear and boots right here.


    Photos courtesy of Justin Brands, Inc.


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  • Paul Njiru wrote on January 30, 2014 at 10:34 // Reply

    Howdy! I love American style cowboy boots.
    Would love to make a few. It’s for my girlfriend. Please send me some links.




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