Did you know that HeadWest Outfitters sponsors rodeo athletes? We sure do, and proudly so! We call this group of equestrian athletes “Team HWO.” Our legion of rodeo athletes represents the HeadWest Outfitters brand across the United States at Recognized Sanctioned Events. We proudly support competitive showmen of different disciplines, including athletes who compete in barrel racing, bull riding, team roping, team penning, tie down roping, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, and other equestrian sports. Team HWO also includes some saddle clubs and equestrian organizations. We are always looking to expand our program, seeking out individuals and groups that share our passion for riding.

    Team HeadWestOutfitters

    We would like to introduce you to one of our sponsored riders, who also coordinates our athlete sponsorship program as an employee at HeadWest Outfitters. Meet Prudence Ballog…

    Prudence Ballogg

    Prudence has been riding horses and involved in equestrian activities since she was eight years old. Her activities included participating in 4-H and FFA during her school years, and also as a member of the Erie County Sheriff’s Posse for several years. Today, Prudence competes in barrel racing and pole bending.

    As a sponsored rider, Prudence has had many accomplishments in her competitions, receiving several series end awards and buckles for barrel racing and pole bending.  In 2008, Prudence and her horse were the high point weekend champion in amateur division in barrels and poles at the New Jersey Horse Park  A.Q.H.A. Show. She also qualified and went to A.Q.H.A. Worlds in 2008 for amateur poles. Prudence’s experience extends into working for two years on a Walking Horse farm in Tennessee that contained several actively showing world champions.

    PK & Raisin

    Prudence tells us, “Barrel racing and pole bending are my passion; however, I have a strong appreciation for all aspects of the equine world.  After giving my mare a year off for a leg injury, I am in high hopes to be able to get back out in the arena and see how much we can accomplish.”

    We also want to introduce you to Prudence’s family since they provide her with a lot of support to achieve her goals. Some of you probably recognize her fiancé, Dawson, as he is one of our HeadWest Outfitters models. The two have four children together and one grandson. Chelsie, age 20, is an Army Reservist, working also for the McComb, Mississippi post office. Austin, age 18, is getting ready to leave for training with the Airforce. The youngest of the group includes Dallas, age 12, Kaydance, age 7, and grandson, Warren, who is 9-months-old.

    The family wouldn’t be complete without a few four-legged members. Hanks Raisenette is Prudence’s barrel racing American Quarter Horse. Her equine family also includes Texas, a class B miniature, and Rowdy, a rescued quarter horse that is just starting in team penning. Let’s not forget Molly, her toy Australian shepherd.


    We aren’t quite sure how Prudence has time to juggle so many activities, but she sure does. Besides her own competitions, raising an incredible family, and working at HeadWest Outfitters, Prudence is also a student at Fortis Institute, majoring in Business Marketing and Management. Pretty amazing! Prudence has been with HeadWest Outfitters for almost a year.  When asked what she enjoys most about working at HeadWest Outfitters, she told us, “I love working for HWO! I love the team! I have always loved western fashion and the common lifestyle between the HWO team and our customers.  I am looking forward to the growth of the sponsorship program and working with professional athletes that share the same competitive spirit I possess.“

    We are extremely proud to include Prudence in Team HWO. She is an extremely valuable member of our staff and a remarkable representative of our company and sponsorship program. Prudence’s work overseeing the sponsorship program helps the company select and support upcoming and accomplished riders. It is a great pleasure to work with amazing athletes who put their heart and soul into the passion of riding. We proudly support Prudence and all of our sponsored athletes!

    Prudence is an extraordinary woman in many regards. We are excited to introduce her to you and welcome your comments to say “Hello!”

     Are you a rodeo athlete interested in joining Team HWO? As a sponsored rider, you will receive inside access to our support programs, news, contests, events, and discounts. If your equestrian sport is not currently listed as a sponsored event, please still apply. We are always looking to expand our sponsorship program.

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  • Michele Dibert wrote on November 19, 2013 at 4:03 // Reply

    We would love to have you come on board as a PA IBRA sponsor! Lots of advertising comes along with it! If your looking for an individual I would love to have the Headwest logo on my shirts! Thanks! Michele Dibert-PA IBRA State Director

    • admin wrote on November 19, 2013 at 6:25 // Reply

      Michele, please submit an application using the promoters/clubs option on the entry page. We look forward to reviewing the information!


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