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    We’re about to introduce you to a young equestrian who will change your opinion of competitive riders forever! Meet Kristine May, a fourteen-year-old middle school student who regularly competes in team penning and ranch hand sorting, but she also “dabbles” in barrel racing, pole bending, and is beginning to ride English and jump. You might think Kristine is off to a decent start, but she has actually been competing for years! Just in case you need more proof of this young lady’s incredible talent, Kristine actively participates in USTPA, AQHA, AQHYA, OVTPA, 4-H, and IEA.


    This remarkable equestrian began riding almost before she could walk. Kristine’s first competition was at age three at Rail Spur Arena in team penning. She qualified for USTPA National Finals at the age of just four, with her Shetland pony, Mr. Wrigley. At age five, Kristine rode at the USTPA Finals with Jessie Bradshaw and Jessie McNish, placing fifth in the senior youth team penning event.


    Kristine has a long list of accomplishments in USTPA that date back to 2008, when she won her very first belt buckle at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in the junior youth penning class with her partner, Ashley. 2010 was the year Kristine won her first saddle at the USTPA National Finals, with Carrie Dean and Jorden Byrd in the senior youth penning class. Since then, Kristine has won a saddle every year at the USTPA World Show! In 2011, Kristine competed with her brother, Casey, in junior youth sorting. Two saddles went home with Kristine in 2012 thanks to the combined effort with Sidny Doluba in junior youth penning and sorting.


    Kristine’s accomplishments in AQHYA and AQHA are equally impressive. She and her brother first competed in 2010 at the AQHYA World Show in Oklahoma City. Casey was twelve years old and Kristine was just ten years old. The pair ended up placing third in sorting and took home two bronze trophies. Kristine went to the 2011 AQHA World Show and rode in the open with her father, John. They placed twelfth among all the open riders. Kristine and Casey again qualified for the AQHYA World Show this year for the North Dakota team. Partnering with Elle Chase from Minnesota in team penning, they took home third place for the bronze prize once again.

    Over the last four years, Kristine and her family have participated in OVTPA, a local organization of riders primarily from Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio. The May family has hosted six shows at their home in the last two years. Casey has ended up champion for the #2 rated riders in team penning, reserve champion for the #2 rated riders in sorting, and reserve champion in the youth division. John ended up champion for the #6 rated riders in team penning and sorting. Kristine ended up champion for the #4 rated riders in team penning and sorting, and champion in youth division, beating Casey by a single whopping point! (We expect that’s still a bit of a teasing point for the competitive siblings!)


    4-H has been part of Kristine’s hobbies since she was eight years old. She has shown horses each year, and last year Kristine made it to districts in barrel racing, cutback, and draft horse driving. She also went to state in barrel racing and draft driving, where she placed third and sixth, respectively.

    The May family has fourteen of their own horses in their barn, and they also have boarders staying with them. The family’s quarter horses consist of Pyro, Frosty, AJ, Twiggy, Chicky, Sunny, Jackory, Jessie, April, and Jacky. Sarge and Cody are their Percherons, and the beloved Shetland pony, Mr. Wrigley, still calls the May farm home. The family wouldn’t be complete without their two dogs, Lucky and Shadow, about thirty cows, and a few barn cats.


    Kristine is an exceptional young rider who is making impressive tracks in each of her competitions, across all of the various disciplines. We are extremely proud to include Kristine as a HeadWest Outfitters sponsored rider. She positively represents Team HWO in all of her endeavors and we proudly share joy in all of her accomplishments. We look forward to having Kristine on our HWO Team for years to come.


    HeadWest Outfitters calls our group of equestrian athletes “Team HWO.” Our legion of rodeo athletes represents the HeadWest Outfitters brand across the United States at Recognized Sanctioned Events. We proudly support competitive showmen of different disciplines, including athletes who compete in barrel racing, bull riding, team roping, team penning, tie down roping, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, and other equestrian sports. Team HWO also includes some saddle clubs and equestrian organizations. We are always looking to expand our program, seeking out individuals and groups that share our passion for riding.

    Our sponsored riders receive inside access to our support programs, news, contests, events, and discounts. If you are interested in joining Team HWO, click HERE to complete an application.





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