Did anybody else catch the premiere of The History Channel’s Full Metal Jousting last week?  Turns out competitive jousting is a real thing – a thing that involves heavily armored men on large horses attempting to knock each other to the ground using a sharp stick.  One new jouster described being “unhorsed” as “getting hit by a Mack truck.” And he’s a heavily tattooed ex-Marine, with a mohawk. Not exactly a girly man talking there.  Aside from being a pretty entertaining reality show on a very unusual – not to mention dangerous competition, I was so excited to see World Champion Steer Wrestler Rope Myers, as well as Olympic Show Jumper James Fairclough as contestants for the $100,000 cash prize.  James may be the smallest competitor, but judging from the scene from an upcoming episode where the crew is asked to clean the blood off his white horse after he takes a bone crunching blow to the face, he may be tough enough to give the others a run for their money.

    Horsemanship is a big factor in being successful, with all of the jousters having some type of riding experience prior to the show. (I’ll admit I originally tuned in simply for the prospect of seeing a bunch of tough guys learn how to ride for the first time.)  It was fun to listen to the coaches describe the horses unique personalities and match them up with their riders.  I’ll definitely be tuning in again to see who wins (I’m rooting for Rope!).


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  • Tommy Boy wrote on March 20, 2012 at 4:34 // Reply

    Lets’ go Rope Meyers! He’s a legend here in Texas. Great Blog!

  • Linda HWO wrote on March 23, 2012 at 5:22 // Reply

    Thanks! I actually squealed out loud when I saw Rope onscreen…had no idea he was competing. What a great surprise!

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