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    Aztec prints are a big trend for fall! Rich hues of orange, sienna, chocolate, turquoise, and red are deeply rooted in Aztec designs. It’s only natural that Aztec prints would show up in western wear since they share the same warm color palette.  Aztec prints are often combinations of various Native American elements, and the term “southwestern” usually sums up the style. Our favorite Aztec prints boast handsome arrow designs in bright, bold colors that seem to be taken right from fall landscapes.

    This fall season, we are already seeing a huge increase in Aztec print western wear. We created this Polyvore set to showcase an outfit blending Aztec prints into your fall western wear wardrobe.

    Aztec Polyvore Set

     Aztec Cardigan

    The Powder River Outfitters Cardigan is a medium-weight sweater with a tie front. Fringe delicately cascades around the hemline, and rich hues define the Aztec pattern from top to bottom. This is a wonderful statement piece for your western wear collection! With so many colors on the palette, you can easily pair this sweater with black, brown, or turquoise cowgirl boots.

    Aztec Print Cardigan

    Turquoise Top

    Any turquoise western top would do, but we selected this Cowgirl Tuff Dream Catcher Tee because of the similar southwestern flair and blend of turquoise and brown hues. This is a western tee that could easily be worn without the cardigan, and you wouldn’t lose the ambiance of your Aztec outfit.

    Cowgirl Tuff Feather Dream Catcher Tee

    Skinny Jeans

    The jeans should be slimming to be worn with a slightly over-sized sweater or cardigan. We chose Wrangler Premium Patch Sadie Skinny Jeans for the dark denim wash, faded accents, and perfect skinny jean fit. Skinny jeans are an ideal denim choice for any outfit when you plan to tuck your jeans into your cowgirl boots.

    Wrangler Sadie Skinny Women's Jeans

    Python Cowgirl Boots

    Corral Boots is a stunning line of western cowgirl boots with our without Aztec designs, but this boot has so much personality! Corral Honey Python Orange “Indian” Cowgirl Boots offer Aztec designs paired with gorgeous exotic python snakeskin. It’s a beautiful pairing, and the color blends perfectly with the cardigan.

    Corral Boots Women's Aztec Python Cowgirl Boots

    Leather Belt

    Keep your accessories simple if there is already a bold pattern or design on your apparel. For this Aztec cardigan, the Native American designs hold their own as the statement piece, so your accessories only need to complement the style. The Justin Navajo Creek Western Belt has its own bold designs, but we think it pairs nicely with the turquoise western top without overpowering. You could just as easily choose a simple brown leather women’s belt to finish the outfit.

    Justin Women's Navajo Creek Western Belt

    Turquoise Jewelry Set

    While the necklace and earrings set does not carry the Aztec pattern, this jewelry set perfectly mirrors the same color pattern as the Aztec cardigan. No other hue is as closely tied to southwestern design as turquoise. The chunky turquoise hued stones combined with black and brown add a new element to the outfit without distracting from the main prints.

    Women's Cross Pendant Turquoise Jewelry Set

    Diamond Pattern Ring

    The silver ring is Kelly Herd Jewelry with colorful accent stones. The Kelly Herd Wide Band Ring is not a necessity to pull off this Aztec fall look, but we know our customers like to kick it up and have some fun with jewelry, so we just had to throw it in! And the diamond pattern couldn’t have worked better for this outfit.

    Kelly Herd Diamond Pattern Ring

    Hobo Handbag

    The Brighton Leegin Tatum Hobo Handbag is a contemporary addition to this western wear outfit. The bright turquoise hue is beautiful, elegant, and nicely complements the rest of this Aztec outfit. When purchasing a premium quality handbag, you want to make sure it’s a versatile addition to your closet. This Brighton handbag can be carried with an outfit for the big city or along with your favorite plaid western top. Not every piece of your outfit has to repeat the same theme. By matching the color palette, the turquoise purse can be added without having an Aztec design of its own. Go for versatile in your purse collection!

    Brighton Leegin Tatum Hobo Handbag

    What do YOU think of this outfit? What do you love, and what would you change?

     If you have created a Polyvore set using any of these pieces, please share the link with us on our HeadWest Outfitters Facebook page! We would love to see your designs!


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