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    Are you struggling to find your perfect cowboy boot fit? Are you unsure exactly how cowboy boots are supposed to fit? Let our team of experts help! We live the western lifestyle, and since we wear cowboy boots every day, we know exactly how they are supposed to fit. Keep reading to find out how to find your perfect fit!

    Cowboy Boot Fit Guide

    Find Your Correct Size

    If you don’t already know your cowboy boot size, we recommend you start by ordering ½ size smaller than your normal “street” shoes and tennis shoes. Why?! Cowboy boots are designed with a completely different form than athletic shoes, so if that’s the fit you are used to, your athletic shoe size is likely going to be too big in cowboy boots.


    Boots Should Fit Snug

    When you first slip on your cowboy boots, the fit should be snug. You should have a little trouble getting your foot into the boot. Sit down, grab onto the pull straps at the top of the shaft, and push your foot through the “throat” of the boot (where the shaft and foot meet). Your foot should PLOP! into the foot of the boot. If your foot slipped right into the boot without pulling, you probably need to go down one size and try again.


    Check Foot Position

    You can right away if you have the perfect boot fit based on where your foot sets within the cowboy boot. The widest part of your foot should rest at the widest part of the cowboy boot. If your foot is too far forward, that boot is too small. If your foot is too far back, that boot is too big.

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    Pinching and Squeezing

    The boot should be snug, but it should not be painful. If you feel pinching or squeezing over the top of your foot, you might need to go up one size. Consider how your foot fits in the boot first. If your foot is correctly in the widest part of the boot, but you still experience uncomfortable tightness on the top of your foot, you might need a wide width boot. If your foot is not properly positioned, you need a different size. You should be able to gently wiggle your toes, but your foot should not move around much in the boot.

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    Don’t Go Too Loose

    If your foot slides around in the boots, they are definitely too big. This is not a perfect cowboy boot fit! You might think it’s best to have a little extra room in your cowboy boots rather than having them feel snug, but this is going to lead to blisters. If your foot slides around in the boot, the leather will continue to stretch as you wear them more, and what started out as a little extra room will amplify to uncomfortable shifting, painful rubbing, and improper cushioning and support. You do not want your cowboy boots to feel like they are falling off your feet every time you take a step. Don’t make the mistake of buying loose cowboy boots.

    Heel Slippage

    The boot heel is the only part of the cowboy boot that has any give, so you will experience “heel slippage” with new boots. This means your heel will slide up slightly in new cowboy boots each time you take a step. It is part of the perfect cowboy boot fit! Once the leather becomes more worn in and softer, the heel slippage will reduce and eventually stop. This happens once the leather conforms to your foot shape. The more you wear your cowboy boots, the better they will feel! If your heel doesn’t move at all, your boots are probably too small. If your foot nearly slides out of your boot when you take a step, they are probably too big.

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    Does This Brand Run True To Size?

    We get asked this type of question a lot. “How do Justin Gypsy boots fit?” “Do Corral boots run true to size?” “Will I wear the same size Ariat boots that I do in Justin boots?”

    With all brands, we recommend starting ½ size smaller than your athletic shoes. If you have worn cowboy boots before and have a good fit, start with that size when trying a new brand.

    Each brand of cowboy boots will fit differently because they all use their own forms and sizing guides. Once you find your perfect cowboy boot fit in a brand, you should wear that size in all of that one brand’s boots, regardless of whether the boot is a pointed toe, round toe, or square toe.


    You will appreciate your cowboy boots so much more if you have a proper fit. Don’t fuss with pain and discomfort from improperly fitting boots.

    Let us help! If you still have questions, see our additional boot fit guides for even more tips. You may also leave a comment on the blog, and we will be happy to answer your questions!

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