Charlie 1 Horse cowboy hats are not your average Joe. They do have everything you’d expect in a cowboy hat: western style, durability, brim, crown… You know, the “must-haves” to be considered a cowboy hat. BUT, Charlie 1 Horse hats also have a lot that you don’t expect from cowboy hats – that’s in the form of astonishing western style! It’s no wonder so many celebrities don that iconic Charlie 1 Horse firebrand logo on their western fashion hat.

    Charlie 1 Horse

    Kid Rock, Richard Petty, Eddie Montgomery, Gretchen Wilson, Tracy Lawrence, Hank Williams, Jr., and NASCAR driver Austin Dillon all wear Charlie 1 Horse hats, and because of the vast selection of hat options, each celebrity makes it their own signature look. And you can, too! There’s a Charlie 1 Horse cowboy hat to match your western attitude!

    Montgomery Gentry  Austin Dillon  Kid Rock

    1978 was the year that started it all for Charlie 1 Horse hats. Owned by the same company that crafts Stetson and Resistol cowboy hats (hello – the ultimate standard in western hats!), Charlie 1 Horse cowboy hats are handmade in the United States with great pride. This handcrafted, American made quality ensures each Charlie 1 Horse hat meets customer expectations in materials, style, durability, and comfort.

    Charlie 1 Horse

    Cowgirls were quick to realize the potential in Charlie 1 Horse cowgirl hats. More and more cowgirls are trading in their traditional straw and felt hats to showcase a little Charlie 1 Horse cowgirl hat flair! The barrel racing community has adopted Charlie 1 Horse cowgirl hats as their unofficial western hat style, and it has created a booming increase in the number of Charlie 1 Horse hats we see in and around competitive arenas. With fancy cowgirl flamboyance all-over these incredible fashion western hats, Charlie 1 Horse cowgirl hats are right at home in the saddle and arena.

    Charlie 1 Horse

    Cowboys have been a little harder to convince… until now. We suppose cowboys just aren’t that drawn to all the glitz and glam and expect their cowboy hats to stand up to the demands of the western lifestyle before lookin’ good. We get it. Why buy a cowboy hat just for looks?! As we mentioned before, Charlie 1 Horse cowboy hats are produced by the same folks that make the gold standards in western hats! These aren’t just “purty” cowboy hats – they really do perform. Charlie 1 Horse hats must meet strict standards for durability and comfort to bear the firebrand crown logo.


    Cowboys have finally come around, though. Some big names wearing the firebrand logo has helped draw interest. Austin Dillon is one of the newest members of the Charlie 1 Horse family. As the driver of the NASCAR #3 car, Austin is known for his signature Charlie 1 Horse cowboy hat. He usually sports a black felt cattleman cowboy hat, but he has also been spotted in a sun-shading straw cowboy hat on occasion. With country music stars and race car drivers taking the brand to national stages, it is creating a big stir of awareness in Charlie 1 Horse hats. We’re always watching to see who will be the next big star to sport this incredible western hat.

    Austin Dillon & Richard Petty

    Charlie 1 Horse fur cowboy hats are the premium choice in western hat style. Each fur cowboy hat has its own distinct hardware and accents to give it unique personality. From black fur hats, to hues of brown, or wild animal print, there is a fur felt hat to suite every western preference. If you’re seeking quality that makes a statement all on its own, you will want a Charlie 1 Horse fur cowboy hat!

    Charlie 1 Horse On the Prowl Charlie 1 Horse Chisolm Cowboy Hat

    Wool cowboy hats by Charlie 1 Horse are an astonishingly fashionable and affordable cowboy hat choice. Wool felt offers durability at a great price. Sparkling bling accents, elegant brim details, stunning hat bands, eye-catching ornaments, and wild details make Charlie 1 Horse wool cowboy hats the trendiest cowboy hats around! With both cowboy hat and cowgirl hat options, this is an excellent starting place for those who want the biggest bang for their buck.

    Charlie 1 Horse Streakin Cowboy Hat Charlie 1 Horse Studly Cowboy Hat

    Straw cowboy hats are the ultimate choice in casual hats. Perfect for horseback riding on a warm summer day, attending country music concerts, or lounging on a beach,  Charlie 1 Horse straw cowboy hats offer wonderful sun shade, pure western style, and a variety of trendy options. Straw hats with a shapeable hat brim are the hottest concert hats. Charlie 1 Horse straw hats are also available in classic cattleman hat styles for true cowboys and cowgirls.

    Charlie 1 Horse Mama Tried Cowboy Hat Charlie 1 Horse Jackpot Cowboy Hat

    Charlie 1 Horse cowboy and cowgirl hats are trendsetters in the western fashion world, but don’t discount this amazing cowboy hat brand just because of their trendy details. There is a whole lot of western performance in this brand, too.

    Charlie 1 Horse

    See our full selection of Charlie 1 Horse hats here.

    Charlie 1 Horse

    What do YOU think of Charlie 1 Horse? Which celebrity wears the look best?

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