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    Austin Dillon is as well-known for driving the NASCAR No. 3 car as he is for wearing what some consider a goofy looking hat. That hat would be none other than a premium quality Charlie 1 Horse cowboy hat.


    Dillon, a huge John Wayne fan, grew up wearing cowboy hats and is just doing what feels comfortable to him. Unlike most other drivers, who sport ball caps branded with their sponsor logos, Austin Dillon prefers his black cattleman cowboy hat or his straw cowboy hat – both with the iconic Charlie 1 Horse firebrand logo.


    The Charlie 1 Horse team met Austin Dillon at the Texas Motor Speedway and immediately made a connection over Dillon’s cowboy hat. Now, Charlie 1 Horse supplies Dillon with all of his cowboy hats. It was a natural choice for Charlie 1 Horse to support a young driver who is such a great ambassador for racing and the western brand.

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    The rookie driver has a lot of controversy surrounding him, even without the cowboy hat. Austin Dillon is the grandson of team owner, Richard Childress. When the decision was made for Dillon to drive the No. 3 car, most recently driven by the late Dale Earnhardt, Sr., some NASCAR fans were outraged. The fan decision is torn on whether bringing back No. 3 is a great tribute to a racing legend or an insult to a man who deserves to go down in history owning that number. The Earnhardt family has publicly supported the move, so Dillon has the only approval that seems to matter.

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    Controversy or not, Austin Dillon is not deterred to perform to the standards set by the No. 3 car. Austin Dillon just won the pole position for the NASCAR Daytona 500 next Sunday. This is the first time the No. 3 car will compete in a NASCAR Sprint Cup race since the death or Dale Earnhardt in 2001.

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    All eyes will be on Austin Dillon to see if he can bring this special car to a winning finish. Win or lose, the Childress racing team is very proud of Dillon’s accomplishments and his performance in the No. 3 car. We will be watching and waiting to see Austin Dillon sporting his signature Charlie 1 Horse hat, hoping it’s after a win.

    Photo Credit: Austin Dillon Facebook

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  • Scott wrote on January 13, 2015 at 4:43 // Reply

    KEEP THE COWBOY HAT!! He looks great in it and he can write his own history. I’m a huge supporter of both Austin and the #3, past and present.


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