Ariat boots are among the most renowned cowboy boots and cowgirl boots for casual and competitive equestrian riding. Do you know why? It’s not just because they look nice and are comfortable. Keep reading to see what makes this western boot company different from the rest, and learn why Ariat Boots are the top choice for first-time cowboy boot owners.

    Ariat Hacienda Boots

    Founded in 1993 – Breaking Down Roadblocks

    Ariat was founded with a simple objective: To create the most advanced performance footwear and apparel for the world’s top equestrian athletes. That’s an ambitious goal for a company that had humble beginnings and faced major roadblocks. Co-founders Beth Cross and Pam Parker tried to sell the idea to the cowboy boot industry that cowboy boots needed to change, be improved, and advance to meet the needs of riders. Traditional cowboy boots were far from comfortable. The stiff, heavy, and hard cowboy boots needed innovative updates, and the two bet it all on turning that idea into a reality.

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    The pair met great resistance from an industry strongly tied to tradition and processes that had made cowboy boots instrumental in the western lifestyle. While history and tradition are important aspects of Ariat footwear, the founders insisted that comfort had to be included as a main component of the formula. The entrepreneurs did not give up, and cowboy boots have not been the same since.

    Ariat Men's & Women's Boots

    Performance Boots for Today

    Today, Ariat is the number one English and Western performance boot brand. The intense focus and dedication to bringing high-quality, authentic Western cowboy boots and English riding boots to customers succeeded in changing modern expectations for equestrian footwear. The difference Ariat cowboy boots have made is setting new standards for footwear worn by world-class athletes, hard-working ranchers, and casual riders.

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    Ariat performance technology is extremely important to those who ride. Better stability and improved comfort provide the wearer the ability to perform better and be able to spend more time doing what they love – riding. Extensive research and product testing was necessary to get each technology just right.


    The technology is also why Ariat boots are very often the first pair of cowboy boots many of our customers purchase. Ariat boots are as comfortable as wearing an athletic shoe, thanks to the advanced cushion comfort. When a customer tells us they don’t think cowboy boots are comfortable, we direct them to Ariat boots. Besides the advanced comfort, there are many different price levels available in Ariat boots, making them very affordable for first-time boot buyers who might be timid about investing a lot in a pair of boots.


    Milestones – Athletic Shoe Technology

    Making the best cowboy boots in the world requires constant consideration for new technology and improvements. From 1991-1995, Ariat worked to revolutionize riding boots by incorporating athletic shoe technology into western riding boots. Enhanced performance features were added and tested by professional riders across the United States.

    The result was a new product line of women’s cowboy boots with advanced technology: Performer English Boots and Competitor Cowboy Boots. From there, Advanced Torque Stability (ATS) was introduced, and ATS Ariat Boots are now a standard in performance and comfort equestrian riding boots.

    ATS Technology ATSmax Ariat 4LR Technology

    Milestones – Work Boots & Ariat Fatbaby Boots

    Ariat Work Boots entered the western market during the period of 1996-2000, giving western customers options with steel toe boots and waterproof boots. These men’s and women’s work boots are designed with extra protection, safety features, and comfort technology for job duties on and off the ranch.


    This was also an exciting time in Ariat women’s boots with the introduction of Ariat Fatbaby boots – the bestselling cowgirl boots at HeadWest Outfitters! Ariat Fatbaby cowgirl boots were introduced as part of an Ariat women’s fashion boot collection, and they continue to be highly coveted boots for classic cowgirls and fashion customers.

    Ariat Fatbaby Mossy Oak Cowgirl Boots Ariat Fatbaby Chocolate & Pink Cowgirl Boots Ariat Fatbaby Rebel Brown Cowgirl Boots

    A Constant Evolution

    Ariat continues to lead the world in performance equestrian footwear for English riders and Western riders who seek premium quality and exceptional comfort. Even our customers who do not ride find great appeal in the Ariat Boots collection based on the fashion boot collections, casual boot options, as well as Ariat work boot and hiking boot collections that meet the same rigorous standards for comfort and performance.

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    Ariat Boots have made cowboy boots comfortable! For everyone who wears western boots, we can all rejoice for the unwavering commitment by two western boot entrepreneurs who knew there could be so much more to cowboy boots than just tradition. Tradition is essential to preserving and promoting the western lifestyle, but we are allowed to be comfortable while living out our western dreams!


    What do you like most about Ariat Boots? Is there anything you wish they would improve upon?



8 Responses to Ariat Boots History – Cowboy & Riding Boots

  • Ennis Stump wrote on November 13, 2014 at 5:05 // Reply

    Years ago I wore Dingo boots or Wellington boots in school. I am now 59 and I went to buy some new shoes. I was walking through the store when I passed the cowboy boots. So I thought I’d see how they have changed over the years. I tried the Dingos, Dan Post, about every brand they had. Then I came to the Arait boots. I bought the Ironsides H20’s for riding my motorcycle. I would have never imagined that these boots would be as comfortable as my bedroom slippers. I love em! Ya’ll got it right, keep up the good work. Thanks for a great quality and good looking boot…

    • admin wrote on November 24, 2014 at 4:47 // Reply

      We couldn’t agree more! Ariat Boots are as comfortable as any casual shoe. We’re glad yours are as comfy as slippers! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  • James Dodds wrote on February 9, 2015 at 8:49 // Reply

    I have three pair of Ariat boots. The only complaint I have about all three pair is the wicking material that is on the inside of the boots. I have worn boots most of my life. I have never had any boots that made my feet sweat like the Ariat boots with the inside wicking material. Please consider genuine leather lining instead of wicking material. My feet do not sweat in boots with genuine leather lining.

  • casey pleaaant wrote on March 28, 2015 at 5:28 // Reply

    I bought a pair of the Sport Wide Square Toe boots you guys make and I love them!!!! Everytime I wear them people give me compliments all day long. I did some research before buying them and it paid off…..the boots are super comfortable, durable, look great and were very reasonable priced. I couldn’t ask for anything else….you have a new customer for life! Now I have to buy my daughters some because they want boots just like their Daddy.

  • leather high heel boots wrote on May 9, 2015 at 10:04 // Reply

    What material did you use for the blue boots?

  • Jenn G wrote on December 5, 2015 at 10:33 // Reply

    I’ve had my Ariat paddock boots since 1996, and still use them to ride twice a week. Most comfortable shoes I own and I refuse to let them go. However, I am curious as to where they were made, since the lettering on the tag and inside wore away years ago. Are there any Ariat styles made in the US? If I were to have to retire my beloved paddocks, I want to be sure I’m replacing them with equally comfortable but US manufactured boots (and hopefully not having to ransom a kidney for them)

  • Alenzeon wrote on December 10, 2015 at 11:53 // Reply

    The shoes have classical drawing and pattern. For a cowboy on the prairie.

  • Michael shaun wrote on May 11, 2016 at 5:10 // Reply

    This was very helpful,Thanks


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