If you’re shopping for new cowgirl boots, you’re one lucky lady! There are a TON of hot fashion trends happening right now that you’re gonna love! We’ve highlighted the top 7 cowgirl boot fashion trends for your browsing pleasure. If there’s a specific cowgirl boot style that you are looking for, leave a comment, and we’ll help you find your dream boots.


    What’s not to love about lace cowgirl boots?! Lace is as simple and sweet as it is daring and sexy. The look is stunning. Pair your lace cowgirl boots with dresses, skirts, tucked in jeans, and leggings to maximize the “wow factor!”

    Corral Chocolate Lace Boots Corral Gray Lace Cowgirl Boots Corral Boots Sanded Python Lace Engraved Cowgirl Boots


    Embroidery is always a big deal in cowgirl boots, but this has been THE YEAR for flaunting hot embroidery designs. Floral patterns, crosses, skulls, and swirling designs top the styles that are best-sellers from Corral Boots, Lane Boots, Anderson Bean, Ariat, Justin, and Dan Post cowgirl boot brands.

    We’re also seeing a huge trend in embroidered wedding boots, so if your big day is coming up soon, consider a pair of wedding cowgirl boots with bold embroidery to match your personality and your wedding dress!

    Corral Women's Saddle Turquoise Embroidered Cowgirl Boots Justin Vintage Cross Embroidered Cowgirl Boots Lane Women's Summer Bounty Cowgirl Boots


    Wingtip cowboy boots are a traditional western boot style that still captivates today! Because only the toe of your cowgirl boots show when wearing jeans, wearing a wingtip boot boasts serious style that cannot be missed! The design of wingtips varies tremendously from bright colors, vibrant stitching, and embellished accents. If you’ve not worn a wingtip cowboy boot before, definitely give this one a try.

    Ariat Wingtip Dahlia Cowgirl BootsLane Women's Turquoise & Brown Dawson Cowgirl Boots  Lane Brown Dakota Cowgirl Boots


    No other fashion trend ramps up your western style quite like inlays and overlays. The accenting colors and bold designs take a simple cowgirl boot and add a blast of fashion western accents. Our favorites combine different colors and textures. There’s great benefit in cowboy boots that blend brown and black leathers together because you can wear them with almost any outfit!

    Lane Black & White Poison Cowgirl Boots Laredo Women's Aphfrika Leopard Print Crackle Cowgirl Boots Corral Women's Black & Cognac Cowgirl Boots


    Wing cowgirl boot designs were recently made infamous by Corral boots, and we just cannot get enough of the look. You’d think by now we’ve seen every color combination available, but Corral boots keeps cranking out more and more fabulous wing cowgirl boot designs that we couldn’t even imagine. Wing cowgirl boots rock your world in square toe, snip toe, pointed toe, and in distressed, black, brown, even green and purple leathers!

    Corral Purple Wing Cowgirl Boots Corral Women's Antique Saddle Winged Cowgirl Boots Corral Classic Black & Bone Cowgirl Boots


    Harness boots are no stranger to the cowboy boot fashion scene, but the look is becoming undeniably trendy. Combine harness boot style with high heels, embellishments, stunning leathers, and to-die-for adorable cowgirl boots, and you will probably want two or three pairs! The look ranges from classic cowgirl, to fashion fiend, to biker babe – and then some!

    Dingo Women's Molly Harness Biker Boots Dingo Women's Victoria Suede Harness Cowgirl Boots Lane Women's Brown Stud Rocker Harness Cowgirl Boots


    Bling, oh how we love bling everything! Seriously, the Bedazzler was quite possibly the best thing to happen to western wear since the invention of snaps, plaid, and peaked yokes! If you can wear bling on your western tops, leather belts, and even on your cowgirl jeans, why not on your cowgirl boots?! We see no reason not to, so we highly support bling cowgirl boots! Add in a little studding, and you have yourself a pair of boots worthy of a two-step and a loud “Yeehaw!”

    Corral Women's Black Crystal Bling Cowgirl Boots Corral Boots Sequin Bling Cross Embroidered Cowgirl Boots Corral Women's Crystal Cross Bling Python Cowgirl Boots

    What’s your favorite western boot trend?

    Leave a comment to tell us which of these 7 cowgirl boot styles is your favorite!

    Is there a cowboy boot look that you’ve been trying to track down? We store up a mental catalog of cowboy boot styles just for this occasion! Leave a comment, and we’ll try to help you find your dream boots!




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  • Annie Marks wrote on November 20, 2015 at 5:34 // Reply

    I love all the variety that you have for your boot decor! I think having decor on your boots definitely customizes them! Your pictures work really well in show casing the different bling products you have to offer! Thanks for sharing how you use boot bling style to personalize your riding boots!

  • Gregory Willard wrote on July 14, 2016 at 5:56 // Reply

    My wife has always loved the look of boots. I really like the look of the harnesses. I will have to show my wife and see which one is her favorite. I would love to surprise her with a new pair.

  • Michele Carr wrote on July 23, 2016 at 4:36 // Reply

    How do I buy these boots


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